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          VOL. #6  March 22, 2000

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Take a look, Are they up or down stairs?

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Puzzle Game of the Week

3 Card Montyicon


Pat went into a luggage shop to buy a suitcase. The assistant said, "It is most unusual to buy a suitcase. Why don't you rent one like all our other customers?" Why should this be so?

Q: Was the shop a rental-only shop?
A: No.

Q: Did most customers at this shop choose to rent their suitcases rather than buy them?
A: Yes.

Q: Did this have anything to do with price, or insurance, or choice of style?
A: No.

Q: Did people rent because of convenience?
A: Yes.

Q: Was Pat in the United States?
A: No.
Solution at bottom!


1. Who built the first modern computer?
2. Who invented the air conditioner?
3. How does a fan cool a room?
4. What was the first instant coffee?
5. When was color television invented?
Solution's at bottom!


by W. Lee Moss

The Mendezes have seven children, all of whom like working in the family vegetable garden. This past Sunday through Saturday, all nine family members took part in planting this year's nine crops; each planted one crop; every day found at least one Mendez working his or her selected plot of ground. From the diagram provided and the clues, find each child's age and crop of choice, Mom and Dad's crop of choice, the day of the week each family member exercised the Mendez "green thumb" and the plot of ground where each crop will grow.

1. The oldest Mendez child planted the carrots in plot #6 two days before Anita planted the turnips; these two and their brothers and sisters are all of different ages; all seven children were born two years apart.

2. No two children worked a plot on the same day of the week; Mom worked the same day as the 19-year-old girl did and Dad worked the same day of the week as Ramona.

3. Gabriela's plot is between the cauliflower and the plot worked on Wednesday; the peas are between Carmen's plot and Dad's plot; none of these six different plots was planted by Mom.

4. The four corner plots are: the two plots planted on Tuesday, the one planted by the 7-year-old girl, and the radish plot; none of these is Mom's plot.

5. The girl who planted on Monday is six years older than Juan; the boy who planted on Sunday is two years older than the girl who planted on Thursday (Note: There are four different persons mentioned in this clue).

6. These three planted on consecutive days, in this order: Raphael, the one who planted the asparagus and Jose.

7. Julio's plot is adjacent to the eggplant; he planted three days after the l1-year­old did and four days after Rosita did.

8. Both the squash (which was planted by the 9-year-old) and the bean crop (which is not adjacent to the cauliflower) are adjacent to Mom's plot and both are on plots the numbers of which are higher than the number of the eggplant plot.

9. The child who planted the beans is younger than the child who planted the peas.

Solution at bottom!