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          VOL. #8  April 9, 2000

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Which red circle is larger?
Solution at bottom!

Puzzle Game of the Week

 Bridges ....Good luck with this one. I have not been able to beat it!


A man wakes up in a dark room. He switches on the light. A few minutes later he shoots himself.  Why?

Q: Did some noise or action wake him?
A: No. He awoke naturally.

Q: Did he commit suicide because something happened which caused him to realize something?
A: Yes.

Q: Did he see something which caused the realization?
A: No.

Q: Did he hear something which caused the realization?
A: Yes.

Q: Was there anyone else in the house?
A: No.

Q: Was it a special kind of house?
A: Yes.
Solution at bottom!


1. What is the largest number of fingers and toes ever possessed by one person?
2. What is the longest recorded attack of hiccuping? Of sneezing? Of yawning?
3. How many square feet of skin cover the human body?
4. How much of the body is made up of bones?
Solution's at bottom!


 "We're all keen on yachting in these parts," said my tow-headed friend, Thalia Collingwood. "Father has a yacht, and so has each of his four friends: Colonel Drake; Mr. Nelson; Sir Barnacle Hood; and Dr. Benbow.
"What's more, each of the five has just the one daughter, and each has named his yacht after the daughter of one of the others. So you see (she concluded proudly) "there's a dear little yacht named after me."
Sir Barnacle's yacht is the Gabrielle; Mr. Collingwood owns the Lorna; Mr. Nelson, the Rosalind. The Melissa, owned by Colonel Drake, is named after Sir Barnacle's daughter. Gabrielle's father owns the yacht which is named after Dr. Benbow's daughter.
Who is Lorna's father?

Solution at bottom!